Monday, October 17, 2016

Contacting while being sick brings miracles!

Hey everyone!! How´s life? Football season is almost over, and my brother is going to have senior night?!?! Time just goes way too fast. But it´s good!

So, My companion Elder Ross got me sick pretty much all week, which made it hard some days to keep going strong walkin around, but we got a lot of good work done this week and it felt good. I had a pretty good cough and stuffy yet runny nose to deal with and somewhat of an headache, but we kept trekking along and have found a lot of people to teach!

On Tuesday, I was sick, and so when we needed to contact some people I wasn’t feeling super up for it, but my companion Elder Ross saw a little family walking by. A mom, a dad and their daughter, and so he said "Hey, I feel like we should go talk to them." And so we did! Turns out they had just moved to Bogota from a little town outside in the hotlands. They told us we could pass by on Saturday and seemed pretty interested, which was cool.

So we had been struggling since I was feeling pooped from not sleeping very well from being sick, and we didn’t find any new people for the first few days of the week. On Thursday, we had gone around all day while it rained like crazy trying to find somewhere to go and someone to teach. At about 7:30 we were pretty wet from the rain and pretty much out of ideas. So we were waiting on the street under the little ledge of the houses when a couple walked up to their house which we were in front of. 

My companion then said to them, "A lot of rain, huh?" which got a conversation started and they asked us where we were from and what we do. So we told them and they said, aw cool, would you like to come in for some coffee? So we said we would be happy to come in but in exchange for some hot chocolate instead. We got talking, and it turns out that their family is huge. There are about 11 brothers and sisters, and all of them are grown up and have pretty much their own families. The best part is that they also all live around that same area. So there are A LOT of new people to find there. A pretty wonderful Miracle.

Also, one of our investigators named Fabian Gil, who is from Venezuela, is really progressing in the Gospel. He has attended about 5 times now, and he told us at our appointment on Sunday that he believes that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He also told us when we asked about the Word of Wisdom that he had never really taken any of those things ever in his life and so its not going to be a problem! All we need to do is finish teaching him the lessons and he is ready for his baptism on the 29th of October! 

We have some really good stuff going here in CasaBlanca and I’m pretty pumped! We went to the temple today, which just was the best thing in the whole world as always, I LOVE the Temple!!

I’m loving life as a missionary, and time is just going so fast! 


Elder Kendall

Elder Ross, Me, Kelly and Paula

We had some time to kill, and so my companion made a super cool drawing of the Salt Lake temple on the chalk board

Me cleaning the baptismal font the day of baptism, and the system we have to use

Okay so the plug is broken, we have to use the bag, then the cup, then the rock so that the water doesn't go out


Some past missionaries I found at the temple today... The session was awesome!!

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