Monday, October 31, 2016

Just Never Stop Calling...

Hey Hey!! Happy Halloween Everyone!! It is weird too me that I have now been in the field for over a year, and that last Halloween I was in the same zone La Libertad in Tintal! I’m excited to see the streets full of kids shouting "Quiero Paz, Quiero Amor, Quiero dulce Por Favor!"

So, this week was kinda full of some super cool and good stuff. So, I’ll just get started!!

On Tuesday, there was a special Leadership Meeting of the mission with all the Zone and District leaders, which was super cool and a spiritual powerhouse. I also got to see Elder Ichuro and Elder Espinola my two trainers! I also found out that they are dying in March already!!! Where does the time go!?! I personally learned a lot about my Savior Jesus Christ, and how much he truly loves us. I know that he will always fulfill his promises. D&C 58:16 I think.

Also, a miracle happened for us this week. We have had a reference from another area of a guy named Bairon Valencia that we have tried to contact for about 3 months. Way back when I was with Elder Karra, we called him and set up an appointment but he never showed up. Then over the next three months we called and called and called, but he never ever answered his phone. We kept trying because he had apparently been attending for a while and met Elder Rasband when he came here to Colombia to a Stake Conference, and wanted to be baptized. But we just NEVER could contact this guy!

So, this week, we were just walking around trying to find someone that we could teach, and Elder Ross just started calling somebody. I asked him who he was calling when that person answered and he was said "Bairon"! We finally got a hold of him and set an appointment for Saturday. On Saturday at 4:00pm. We waited on Saturday at the Church until about 4:30, but he never showed, so we went to another appointment. Then about 10 minutes later while walking we got a call from the Elders of Roma that were also at the church and they told us "Hey, there is this guy Bairon and his girlfriend who are looking for you guys." So we booked it back to the church and got to have a lesson with Bairon and his girlfriend who is a member of the church.

Turns out, he has been attending in another area called Marcella since March. He told us he already has a testimony about the Book of Mormon, already knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and has the desire to be baptized. We set a baptismal date for the 19th of November, and he only needs to attend here 2 more times and we just gotta finish teaching him and he is ready for baptism! A Huge blessing, and I have now learned that We just should never stop calling or trying to find these people until we find them! Awesomesauce!!

Also, big news with our investigator Fabian Gil, on Friday we had a super powerful lesson where we talked about what he felt he lacked for baptism. We got the feel for what he was thinking, and we all felt the spirit testifying that he was really ready. So my companion Elder Ross invited Fabian, to kneel right then and there, and ask God if when he should be baptized. He simply said "Yeah..." and got on his knees while we followed. Then he truly asked God. When he finished the prayer, the spirit had filled the room so strongly. His Sister Paola who is a member was the first one who spoke who said "I felt it, I know you guys felt it, I know Fabian Felt it. I know that this is the time." He said that he had felt it too.
At that moment, I invited him to be baptized this coming Saturday, the 5th of November. And he accepted! What power prayer can bring! We felt so much love in that moment for Fabian, it was something i cannot forget. I know that God answers our prayers. Always. Period. 

So, he is going to have his interview on Thursday, and he should be getting ready for this Saturday, what a blessing!

We have some really good things to look forward to here in CasaBlanca for November, I just can’t wait!!! 



Elder Kendall

Me and Elder Marsh at Leadership Meeting!  (My first companion at MTC... he flew to Colombia with me!)

Also, how me and my companion feel about weekly planning sometimes...

the Zone La Libertad for P-Day!

An activity that we did as a zone today for Halloween!!!

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