Monday, June 26, 2017

I'm Bad at Describing This Week But...

Don't know what I was doing... don't ask questions XD

So, this week was really crazy. There was a lot of funny stuff, and it was kind of a harder week, but I will try to somewhat describe how it was. 

So here in Ibague, this last week, and the week that we are in right now until Sunday, are the biggest parties of the whole year. Everyone eats tamales and Lechona, goes in these party busses called Chivas, does parades, fares, and drinks and basically just parties it all up. So that made things interesting, and this week I think that it will continue. 

I am learning a whole bunch of how to be a better person and a more patient missionary with my son Elder Cuba, we had some hard times this week finding, and working together, but by the end of the week we have gotten things figured out better. And I think we are both just getting used to being with a new missionary, it has been good. 

We did a lot of stuff as a zone this week, some service and some cooking soup, which was a good time. It has been fun being with Elder Palma as my zone leader. 

We were able to find some new people finally on Sunday, a family. The dad is named Nelson, and the mom is named Angelica, and they are pretty cool! Nelson has a ton of questions about the Book Of Mormon, and so it is going to be fun to teach him.

So I didn’t do a good job of describing the craziness, but it was an interesting week still. We should be able to help some more people this week, and I’m looking forward to it. 


Elder Kendall

Where we went for P-day, a little town here just outside of Ibague called Juntas, it is really pretty!!

We went with the second counselor of the branch and his wife, his name is Camilo Barrios

Delicious.... I really did eat this :) It is a fish called Mojarra Roja, they fry it and then you eat with rice and salad.  IT WAS REAL GOOD!!!

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