Monday, July 3, 2017

Colombia Parties Hard, and with Machetes

So this week was the holiday of San Pedro, and there has been a lot of people out of town and going on vacation. Yesterday there were some Elders In the zone that saw some people going crazy with some machetes. Colombians party really hard sometimes....  But it was a good week! 

Monday and Tuesday Elder Hess, Elder Cuba and I were in a trio because the companion of Elder Hess (Elder Jones) was in Bogota. It was pretty interesting being in a trio, but we ended up finding a couple of families to teach and we contacted some as well! We talked with a bunch of people this week but it was a little hard to teach them with all of the parties going on. 

Wednesday, I was in an exchange with Elder Palma! It was so much fun, I love that guy a whole bunch. We went to a families house to see if we could teach them, and they were cutting off branches with machetes, and so we decided to help! We swept all of the leaves into a giant pile and moved a bunch of branches, and then Elder Palma helped them cut one of the tree's down. When the tree fell over it kind of bounced and hit Elder Palma really good in his thigh, and the tree tore his pants! So he had this huge hole in the front of his pants, but it didnt hurt his leg. The family of investigators felt really bad and so they offered to sew his pants right then and there, and so we went in and they gave him a pair of shorts that were way too small. And since we were in the house waiting while the grandma fixed his pants, we took advantage and taught the family! They are pretty cool, and they liked the message we shared, one of the ladies was actually a less active member! 

Then they gave Elder Palma his pants, and they also gave us Sancocho, a really good soup here from Colombia. So yeah, it was a really good time being with Elder Palma again, that guy is like my brother now. 

The rest of the week was kind of hard to teach people with all of the parades and parties going on and everyone drinking, but we were still able to find a quite of bit of new investigators! The Lord blessed and protected us this week, and I have a feeling this week is going to go good as well. 

It was a fun week, We just gotta find more people to teach and help them attend church! A couple that we are teaching, Dayana and Sebastian, are going pretty well. Only Dayana could attend this week, but it was still really cool to see them her there! 

The weeks are going by fast. I'm learning a lot with my son, I hope things are going well. That was pretty much this week.


Elder Kendall

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