Monday, July 10, 2017

Doing Push-Ups to Find New Investigators

Happy 4th of July America! I hope that it was a good time over there! So I guess I'm turning 20 this week, that's pretty weird. Time goes really fast.

This week was pretty fun, with good times and hard times as well. But we were able to do some good things that I enjoyed, like doing push-ups to find new people!

This week on Wednesday I had an exchange with Elder Jones who is our district leader, and I went over to his area, while Elder Hess came to my area with Elder Cuba. Me and Elder Jones wanted to try some new crazy ways to contact people, and so we decided to try out something that Elder Hugo Montoya of the 70 told us when he came to our mission. 

He told us about how when he was on his mission, they tried out a different way to contact that had a lot of good results. He told us that when they went to contact, his companion would get on the ground in front of the door of the persons house and just start doing some pushups, while Elder Montoya would knock on the door and talk to the person. When the person answered and opened the door, they just saw this guy doing push-ups on the their front porch and Elder Montoya would ask, "Hello, Do you know why my companion can stay there and do push-ups all day?" The person being all confused and a little weirded out would say "Um.... No..." And so Elder Montoya said" It's because he lives a commandment that is called the Word of Wisdom, have you ever heard of that?" And they would reply "No, I haven't" Elder Montoya "Well we would like to share with you how God has shown us how to have better physical and spiritual health. Would you allow us to teach you about this commandment?" and he said that a lot of the people would let him right in and teach them!

And so that is exactly what we tried to do! It was pretty hilarious, sometimes it worked relatively well, and sometimes the people totally rejected the idea, but we had a really good time with it. And me and Elder Jones ended up doing a ton of push-ups, so it was good exercise as well. We couldn't get into anyone’s house to share with them like Elder Montoya could, but we still had a real fun time seeing people’s reactions. And some people looked pretty interested in our message. 

We have been contacting a bunch of people, but are kind of struggling to find good new investigators, many of the people we have taught are not actually interested in our message. We are really hoping that this week we will find the people that are really ready to find the gospel. That is what I'm praying for, because time is short, and it goes very fast.

I have been thinking a lot lately about God, and the promises He has made to me. And these are some scriptures that have really jumped out to me as I've been reading.

Alma 37:17
For he will fulfill all his promises which he shall make unto you, for he has fulfilled his promises
which he has made unto our fathers.

D&C 58:31
Who am I, saith the Lord, that have promised and have not fulfilled?

I have felt that I need to trust more in the Lord, and that He will fulfill His promises, because He has said pretty clearly that He WILL do so. And that has been a pretty interesting thing to me. 

We simply need to trust in God more. And I am really learning how to be able to trust Him, even if it's with my life. 

So yeah, that was this week. Lots of good stuff happening, and just trying to keep the area moving. 


Elder Kendall



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