Monday, July 24, 2017

Well, It Is The Beginning of the End....

Transfers happened this week, and it is official... I am going to die here in Campiña, Ibague with my son Elder Cuba! Here goes my last 6 weeks in the mission.... I can't believe that I have gotten to this point! It is so strange... 

But hey, this week was pretty awesome, we had some people come to church!! So that was really exciting, we are teaching a family named the Rodriguez family, and so far we have mostly taught the oldest daughter Leidy with her little sister Caterine, and it has been going really well. Their Dad passed away in January of this year, and Leidy told us that she has been reading and praying and that she had a dream where she saw her father and he was very happy and at peace! So that is awesome. 

And we haven't really gotten to teach the Mom, Marina, but she showed up to church Sunday with her daughter Caterine, which was a big suprise. They are making big progress. 

We also found a family this week where we knocked on the door, and the Dad opened it up asking who was at the door, and when he saw us he instantly told us "Hey! come on in! Come in!" Super cool! They are the Flores Garcia family, we are going to teach them again today. 

So yeah, that is what happened this week, and I am out of time. 

I am super pumped for these last 6 weeks, and hope we can get some people baptized this transfer! 


Elder Kendall

Birthday photos!  It is tradition, they weren't going to let us leave until they shoved our face in that cake!!

My District!  Elder Hess got transferred though

We played ping pong for P-day and ate KFC!!!!

Also, mom's tag challenge.  I kinda forgot XD (sorry... don't hurt me)  But I did something quick

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