Monday, July 31, 2017

A Little Rough to Find New People, But Lechona!

Hey everybody over there! 

This week was a little bit harder to find people, but the good thing is that the people we did find are pretty awesome! 

News on the Rodriguez family, we were able to teach the mom this week, and we were also to invite her to be baptized the 19th of August with her 2 daughters! It was a pretty awesome lesson, they are just a great family. Leidy has been reading the Book of Mormon pretty much every day, and She with her little sister Caterine came to church this week like they said they would! They are really progressing a bunch, unfortunately the mom didn't go to church, so now we just have to focus on getting the whole family together in order get them all ready. 

They also gave us Lechona to eat, which is one of the most classic dishes here of Ibague, and it was pretty darn tasty! They take a full out pig, and they take out all of the insides and fill it back up with the meat and rice and some other little stuff, and then they give you a little peice of it. Like I said, it is pretty tasty.

We are working on getting some new people to teach, as always, and I'm trying to give some more responsibility to my son Elder Cuba so that he can lead the area real good when I'm gone! 

It was a little harder week this week, but we are still going strong in the work!

And like Nephi, I am going to say that I cannot write 1/100th of what has happened in this week. 



Elder Kendall

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